IGNOU MTTM / MTM Solved Assignment 2020

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IGNOU MTTM Solved Assignment 2020?

To get degree of Master of Tourism & Travel Management course, students need to submit Ignou MTTM Solved Assignment for July 2019 and January 2020 cycle. Students need to submit solved assignment before last date to be appear in June and December 2020 term end examination.

The duration of MA Tourism program is 2 years. It is useful for all those who are either employed or intend to make a career in tourism. Enrolled students have to passed in required theory, term end assignment and projects to complete their MTTM programme.

IGNOU MTM Assignment 2020 Free Download?

There are many education and social websites available online which provides MA Tourism solved assignment 2019-20 to many students at free of cost. They provide free MTTM First and Second Year solved Assignment in PDF format.

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IGNOU BHDA-101 Solved Assignment 2019-20

IGNOU FST-1 Solved Assignment 2020

MTTM-16: Dissertation (Contact me at WHATSAPP(9953207989))

All students download same answers and copy as it is to their answer sheets. I would like to told those students don’t write those MTTM assignment solutions.

There are incorrect and useless content which could cause failed in tutor marked assignments (TMA). So don’t copy MA Tourism free solved assignment available online.

Every year, the distance university uploaded Master of Tourism & Travel Management Assignment booklet on their website. It’s valid for 2 session i.e July 2019 and January 2020. Interested students can download MTM Assignment booklet by visiting university official website www.ignou.ac.in in form of PDF format.

IGNOU MTTM 1st Year Solved Assignment 2020?

IGNOU MTTM First Year consists courses such as MTTM-1, MTTM-2, MTTM-3, MTTM-4, MTTM-5, MTTM-6, MTTM-7, MTTM-8, TS-1, TS-2, TS-3, TS-6. Students will have to do One assignment in each of the courses, i.e., MTTM-1 to 8 and TS-1, 2, 3 and 6. Only Category II students should attempt assignments of TS-1, 2, 3 and 6. Ignou MTTM first year course name and code are mentioned below :


  • MTTM-1 (Management Functions And Behaviour In Tourism)
  • MTTM-2 (Human Resource Planning And Development In Tourism)
  • MTTM-3 (Managing Personnel In Tourism)
  • MTTM-4 (Information Management And Information Systems In India)
  • MTTM-5 (Accounting Finance And Working Capital For Tourism Managers)
  • MTTM-6 (Marketing For Tourism Managers)
  • MTTM-7 (Sales And Product Management In Tourism)
  • MTTM-8 (Managing Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism)
  • Category 2 students will have to pass the following additional papers during the period of their study, preferably during the 1st Year itself (TS 1 and TS 2 in the first semester and TS 3 and TS 6 in the second semester).
  • TS 1 (Foundation Course in Tourism)
  • TS 2 (Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies)
  • TS 3 (Management in Tourism)
  • TS 6 (Tourism Marketing)

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IGNOU MTTM 2nd Year Solved Assignment 2020?

IGNOU MTTM 2nd Year consists courses such as MTTM-9, MTTM-10, MTTM-11, MTTM-12, MTTM-13, MTTM-14, MTTM-15. For MTTM 16 Dissertation, there is no assignment. You have to follow the instructions as given in the MTTM 16 Dissertation Guide. Ignou MTM 2nd year course name and code are mentioned below :


  • MTTM-9 (Understanding Tourism Markets)
  • MTTM-10 (Tourism Impacts)
  • MTTM-11 (Tourism Planning And Development)
  • MTTM-12 (Tourism Products: Design and Development)
  • MTTM-13 (Tourism Operations)
  • MTTM-14 (Tourist Transport Operations (Road Transport))
  • MTTM-15 (Meeting, Incentives, Conferences And Expositions)

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IGNOU MTM Solved Assignment Submission Date?

Students who will appear in June 2020 Term End Examination, then the last date to submit solved assignment at Study Centre is 30th March, 2020.

While who will appear in December 2020 Term-End Examination, then last submission date is 30th September, 2020. Please obtain a receipt from the study centre for the assignments submitted and retain it.

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